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The Literacy Enhancement Activity Program supports students between Foundation and Grade 6 who are experiencing difficulties with literacy development. Some students require intensive practice with literacy skills and their learning is best supported in small group teaching. The LEAP program has been designed for groups of up to four students to allow explicit instruction and modelling of key skills and specific, immediate feedback.

Each LEAP program has been designed to target specific literacy and language skills that are essential for learning in the classroom. The LEAP programs lead students sequentially through skills, with students required to reach a specific skill level before moving to the next skill.

Regular practice with key skills is essential for students with language and learning difficulties. To provide the best possible learning outcomes, LEAP programs are designed to be delivered intensively over three sessions per week.

Education Support Officers or Literacy Support Teachers act as instructors with the support and supervision of a class teacher.

Program Structure

The four programs within LEAP and the skills targeted are:

Oral Language & Literacy Program (Foundation - Grade 2)
Active listening behaviours, following instructions, vocabulary, concept knowledge, sentence structure, asking and answering questions.

Phonological Awareness Program (Grade 1 onwards)
Syllables, rhyme, segmenting, blending, reading and writing with word families.

Narrative Writing Program (Grade 3 onwards)
Story planner, descriptive language, time sequence words, dialogue, editing.

Reading Comprehension Program (Grade 4 onwards)
Before, during and after reading strategies including surveying the text, identifying key ideas, vocabulary, understanding questions.

Course Outline

  • How key literacy skills develop
  • The use of cueing strategies and other techniques to support skill development
  • Guided practice in the delivery of each program within LEAP
  • Practice recording student progress

Course Designed For

Literacy Support Teachers and Education Support Officers


Two days


Currently scheduled courses can be booked online via our online booking system. If you can not find a suitable course on the online system, please contact us. Many of our courses are scheduled based on demand.

Training is delivered at schools around Melbourne or at your school. Discounts are available for schools who host our training sessions, so please contact us if you can provide a venue.


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