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The Social Skills: Transition to Secondary program provides students with information about changes to expect as they move to secondary school. Students have the opportunity to discuss their expectations, talk about concerns and practice social skills.

The program is designed for students with social skill difficulties and is particularly effective with students on the autism spectrum or who have language and learning difficulties.

Program Structure

The program has four themes, with several practice sessions within each theme. The sessions may be run once or twice per week as the school timetable allows. The program is designed to be used with a small group of students.

The program targets the following areas that are often challenging for students with poor social skills:

  • Environment changes (classrooms, lockers, older students)
  • Friendships (making friends, maintaining friends, types of friends, changing friendships)
  • Teachers (teaching styles, asking for help, clarifying)
  • Language (slang, joking vs. bullying, outside language vs. classroom language)

Each session includes the following:

  • Introducing and explaining the theme
  • Brainstorming feelings, ideas and situations
  • Social scripts for role play
  • Feedback and discussion
  • Home / class practice activities

The manual includes:

  • Detailed instructions to introduce each activity and facilitate discussion
  • Social scripts for role play practice

Course Outline

  • What are social communication skills?
  • Why do some students have difficulty understanding and using social skills?
  • Explanation and demonstration of program themes and activities
  • Guided practice with program activities

Attendees are provided with a comprehensive manual that includes all the resources required to run the program.

Course Designed For

Teachers, Education Support Officers


Four hours


Currently scheduled courses can be booked online via our online booking system. If you can not find a suitable course on the online system, please contact us. Many of our courses are scheduled based on demand.

Training is delivered at schools around Melbourne or at your school. Discounts are available for schools who host our training sessions, so please contact us if you can provide a venue.


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