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What is a Sounds Wall?

A Sounds Wall is a classroom display for all the different sounds heard in speech and used for reading and writing. Sounds Walls are based on the science of reading and provide educators with an explicit way to teach phonemes (sounds) and the spellings used to represent sounds.

A Sounds Wall benefits students by:

  • providing explicit instruction of phonemes
  • building orthographic mapping
  • providing a consistent review of sounds
  • giving a visual reference for students in the classroom
  • improving spelling
  • improving decoding

A Sounds Wall is usually divided into two displays, one for consonants and one for vowels. Sounds are organised by the place and way (manner) in which they are made and common spellings for the sounds are included.

Course Aim

Sounds Wall in the Classroom will provide attendees with the practical information and instructions required to build and display a Sounds Wall in the classroom. The session also teaches the skills required to use the Sounds Wall to explicitly teach students about the features of sounds.

Course Outline

Sounds Wall in the Classroom will provide teachers with:

  • a clear understanding of a structured speech-to-print approach to teaching phonemes and letters
  • the full instructions required to build and use a Sounds Wall
  • a set of sound/letter cards to build a Sounds Wall with consonants and short vowel sounds

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