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Developmental Language Disorder affects both language comprehension (listening and reading) and language expression (talking and writing). One in fourteen children will have a developmental language disorder. Students with a DLD often face challenges with classroom learning and require specific adjustments to the curriculum.

Course Aim

This workshop will provide educators with specific strategies and tools to support participation and learning for students with DLD in the classroom.

Course Outline

The workshop will provide educators with information and tools for:

  • a clear understanding of Developmental Language Disorder
  • adjusting your language to meet the needs of students
  • using visual schedules and visual information successfully for daily routine and learning tasks
  • adjustments to facilitate learning in:
    • developing active listening skills
    • vocabulary knowledge and use
    • using complex sentence structure for sharing ideas, describing, giving opinions
    • reading comprehension
    • written language skills

Course Designed For

Teachers. Education Support Officers and Speech Pathologists


One day


Currently scheduled courses can be booked online via our online booking system. If you can not find a suitable course on the online system, please contact us. Many of our courses are scheduled based on demand.

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