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What is Cued Articulation?

Cued Articulation is a popular visual signing system used to help Foundation to Grade 2 students learn speech sounds and to support their speaking and literacy skills. It focuses attention on how the mouth makes sounds and can help students hear the differences between speech sounds.

The system is often used by teachers as part of a whole class literacy strategy. It is also used by teachers and Education Support Officers to support students with English as an Additional Language. E.A.L. students can often have difficulties with the English language sound system and Cued Articulation can help students both see and hear sound differences. Students with speech sound difficulties can also benefit from the visual reminders to use correct sounds.

Course Aim

Cued Articulation in the Classroom will provide attendees with the knowledge and skills required to use Cued Articulation with students.

Course Outline

  • How key literacy skills develop
  • An overview of Cued Articulation
  • An understanding of mouth structures and how sounds are produced
  • Visual signs for consonant and vowel sounds
  • Discussion and demonstration of the use of signs to:
        Promote correct use of speech sounds
        Link sounds to letters
        Hear first, middle and final sounds in words
        Segment words into sounds
        Promote use of grammar structures (e.g. plurals, pronouns)
  • Practice in the use of Cued Articulation for classroom activities

Course Designed For

Teachers and Education Support Officers


One day or three after-school sessions


Currently scheduled courses can be booked online via our online booking system. If you can not find a suitable course on the online system, please contact us. Many of our courses are scheduled based on demand.

Training is delivered at host schools around Melbourne or at your school. Discounts are available for schools who host our training sessions, so please contact us if you can provide a venue.


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