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Children with autism or language and learning difficulties can often experience confusion and frustration in social situations. Social Stories, first developed by Carol Gray in 1994, provides an approach to teach children about their social world.

Social stories provide children with clear information about specific social situations, outlining why they happen and what typical responses might be. By making this information explicit, social stories explain what other children learn incidentally from the messages embedded in social situations.

Social stories can be used for any age group and are most effective when the child’s support structure (parents, teacher, education support officer, principal) are involved with the implementation and monitoring of social stories.

The focus of social stories may include:

  • Limiting obsessional behaviour that intrudes into learning time
  • Managing potentially dangerous behaviour in the classroom and playground
  • Self-help skills e.g. toileting, using a tissue
  • Developing friendships
  • Supporting transitions e.g. moving to a new class
  • Developing positive self-esteem

Course Aim

Social Stories for Success provides the detailed instruction and demonstration required to successfully write and implement social stories.

Course Outline

  • Why children have social skill difficulties.
  • The structure for writing social stories.
  • Implementing social stories effectively and monitoring student progress.
  • Examples of a range of social stories in different formats.

Course Designed For

Teachers, Education Support Officers and parents.


Three hours.


Currently scheduled courses can be booked online via our online booking system. If you can not find a suitable course on the online system, please contact us. Many of our courses are scheduled based on demand.

Training can be delivered at Versalearn in Narre Warren, Melbourne or at your school. Discounts are available for schools who host our training sessions, so please contact us if you can provide a venue.


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