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“Topic Talk” is an oral language resource designed for educators to use with primary school students from Foundation to Grade 2. It includes a clear framework for targeting the key areas of oral language: vocabulary knowledge and use, listening skills, grammar forms, sentence structure and phonological awareness. The program is based around a collection of vibrant colour photographs that are organised into common themes and provides a comprehensive platform for encouraging oral language development. The program can be used with individual students, in small groups or for whole class activities.  


The Topic Talk programs target the following skills:

• To follow one-three step instructions that include language concepts (first/then, before, after, some/all, between, above/below).

• To understand and use specific content vocabulary on the topic.

• To be able to complete oral and written sentences using content vocabulary.

• To use compound and complex sentence structure.

• To identify if a sentence has a positive or negative meaning.

• To use adjectives to describe nouns.

• To identify, blend and segment syllables and sounds in words.

The Topic Talk themes include farm animals, zoo animals, Australian animals, mini-beasts, fruits/vegetables, school, clothes, community, home, seasons, toys, beach.


The Topic Talk theme packs include:

• Pre / post-test to measure student progress.

• Comprehensive detailed instructions to introduce each activity.

• Colour photos for the theme.

• Resources for all activities


Each participant receives two Topic Talk theme packs at the training session (farm animals, fruit/vegetables) and schools may purchase additional packs for $40.





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